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Posted on Nov 15, 2018

Popular Fermented Foods

There are many fermented foods that sit alongside Kombucha rich in benefits for humans. These include:

Kimchi: A spicy fermented cabbage typically used in Asian/Korean cuisine, kimchi has been strongly linked to better cholesterol levels, improved colon health, and a s...

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Posted on Nov 8, 2018

A SCOBY is an essential ingredient used in Kombucha production which couldn’t take place without it.

“SCOBY” stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. A SCOBY is a syntrophic mixed culture, where one species nourishes itself off the production of another.

At OMBucha, we meticulous pre...

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Posted on Oct 31, 2018

Of concern to many women is the potential for kombucha to give you a yeast infection, given its a bacteria-based product that contains sugar. We examine the possibility of this occurring in today’s article: Can Kombucha give you a yeast infection?

A yeast infection is never fun, but there is n...

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Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Is Kombucha safe for Diabetics?

Kombucha’s powerful probiotic benefits are far-reaching; of this there is no doubt.

However, what has many curious about is whether its benefits are applicable to diabetics, given its sugar content.

The need to be prudent for diabetics is nothing new. Whether i...

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Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Is OMBucha Kombucha Ketogenic Friendly?

Ketogenic diets have increased tenfold in recent years due to their ability to help lower body fat levels and lose weight effectively. But is Kombucha compatible with the diet?

Yes, Kombucha can be ketogenic-friendly, but it requires attentiveness and dil...

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Posted on Oct 11, 2018

While Kombucha contains sugar – which is an essential part of the fermentation process – it’s found within minimal quantities in the end product which is negated by its overall health benefits and gut-promoting properties.

As Paleo followers are quick to acknowledge, this has been sufficient to ...

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Posted on Jul 27, 2018

To brew the finest and most authentic kombucha elixir, honouring the timeless life promoting tea as it was traditionally brewed in Ancient China. Passionately hand brewed with love & care in oak barrels, small batches, and infused with positive intentions.

Hand-crafted in our homemade microbrewe...

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Posted on Jul 24, 2018

When it comes to various allergies and free-from food labels, there’s a whole host of questions our customers want to know about our kombucha: mainly whether it’s gluten, dairy, and animal-free. Today, we’ll answer those questions.

At OMBucha, our ethos is to commit to a product that not only en...

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8 months ago
Fantastic refreshing drink. Now you can enjoy your summer days with a drink that benefits your health instead. I love the taste and I can even drink it at work, in my office(as it is a non-alcoholic drink). Highly recommended.
- Peter I
8 months ago
Great tasting product! Struggled with other kombucha brands with the taste in the past but this one is easily the best! I already knew of all the health benefits but being able to drink and enjoy it was an issue until now! Thanks!
- Daniel W
10 months ago
This delicious drink is rich in antioxidants and I just love the taste and the benefits it gives my body. Definitely a must try.. my new favourite drink 👌🏻
- Nadia A

Our Hobby, Our Passion

It started back in 2013; our obsession with fermented products like Kefir and Kombucha, thanks to stumbling across Tim Ferriss's New York Times Best Selling fitness book 4 Hour Body while immersing ourselves in a primal and paleo style lifestyle. What started off as a personal health experiment, turned into a hobby, which very quickly bred into a passion. A passion to produce a beautifully brewed 'booch that offered not only ourselves, but our friends and our family a fantastic fermented elixir to improve mind, body and gut. Before we knew it, our little hobby was taking us in new directions and new places, as we perfected our deep, aromatic, amber nectar - OMBucha™.

As much as we were enjoying the health and vitality instilled by regular daily OMBucha™ Kombucha added to our lifestyle, so were a growing number of people around us who we had started to supply with our very special 'booch. We're extremely grateful and ecstatic for the opportunity to keep growing our little home micro brewery. Now, with our new website, we're able to supply you directly from our home micro-brewery, for you to directly experience the plethora of health benefits that can be awarded by ritually drinking OMBucha™ in your daily lifestyle.

Vitality | Spirit | Character

The Ingredients

Kombucha is brewed using specific types of teas, certain coffee, raw organic cane sugar and a Kombucha culture called a SCOBY (a living Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). This living culture is what digests the sugars and turns them into an elixir full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and health-giving organic acids. We personally use black tea and distilled water in our brew to produce our classic deep, rich flavour and amber booch.

The Bottle

We only use dark amber glass bottles in our brew, for the same reasons medicines typically appear in amber storage bottles, to preserve the delicate vitamins, minerals, enzymes and health-giving organic acids, shielding them from UV light. Glass is easier to recycle then plastic and more importantly, no harmful chemicals from the plastic can leach into your products. For everyone who sends us back their bottles, we offer free shipping off your next order.

The Brew

Kombucha (also tea mushroomManchurian mushroom, formal name: Medusomyces gisevii) is a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened tea or, more rare, coffee. As the SCOBY Kombucha culture digests the sugar it produces a range of organic acids like glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, malic acid and usnic acid; vitamins, particularly B vitamins and vitamin C; as well as amino acids, enzymes. And of course there are all the benefits of the probiotic microorganisms themselves.

OMBucha™ is fermented in small batches for around two to three weeks to ensure optimum strength and our amber booch is not pasteurized, filtrated or force-carbonated, just naturally fermented tea. There are absolutely no industrialised processing methods, so no two batches ever taste quite the same. With OMBucha™ being a true craft Kombucha, you can read more about why OMBucha™ is nothing like commercialised mass produced mainstream ‘high street’ kombucha you may have tried from shops and supermarkets.Why ferment tea

You can learn more here about what fermentation is, and why we ferment tea.

We’re a small family business, where OMBucha™ is handmade each step of the way, from brewing the teas to applying the labels. You cans see behind the scenes our story on Instagram. 

Our booch contains less 75% less sugar than fruit juice, and half to two-thirds of the tea’s caffeine is also dissolved by the Kombucha culture.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

There are many health benefits claimed of the miraculous ‘Elixir of Life‘ as it has been known. Many facts are justified and researched, and many are hocus-pocus, or over exaggerated. One has to be mindful of this disinformation and not let it cloud the body of good evidence out there that shows the many positive health benefits of fermented Kombucha tea.

Many of the reported benefits of regularly drinking Kombucha tea include improvements in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies, digestive problems, candidiasis, hypertension, chronic fatigue and arthritis. It ‘s also used externally for skin problems and as a hair wash among other things. 

At OMBucha™ we’re always keeping our eye on the latest research on Kombucha, and although it’s not as widely studied as fermented milk products like Kefir yet, we believe much more research will soon be on the horizon.

What Is In OmBucha Kombucha That Is So Good For My Health & Gut?

You’ve heard the buzzwords and platitudes surrounding the “Elixir of Life”, but what’s actually in OMBucha’s delicately fermented Kombucha that makes it so enriching for your overall health and gut?Learn more about why you should enjoy OMBucha Kombucha daily.


The exact origins of Kombucha are unkown. Rumor has it, that Kombucha may have originated around 220 BCE in the Manchuria region of North East Asia. There is a strong possibility that Kombucha has been around in certain forms, for over 5000 years!It would appear that the name Kombucha came from Japan in around 415 AD. A Korean physician called Kombu or Kambu treated the Emperor Inyko with the tea and it took his name, “Kombu” and “cha” meaning tea. Russia has a long tradition of using a healing drink called “Tea Kvass” made from a “Japanese Mushroom”.Certainly, in recent history the elixir has been reported to have been consumed in Russia in the 1900s, having made its way along the silk road from Asia, and from there, entered Europe via Prussia, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Kombucha was first mentioned in German literature in 1913, and the health promoting drink became popular in the USA around the mid 1990s. The popularity of Kombucha seems to have dwindled during and after World War II.

Interestingly, after the war Dr Rudolph Skelnar created renewed interest in kombucha in Germany when he used it in his practice to treat cancer patients, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes – a clear testament to the health promoting properties of this ancient fermented elixir. The most likely origins of Kombucha Tea are indeed founded in the roots of China, known for it’s great historical connections with tea. There are written records from 220 BCE during the Qin Dynasty (Tsin Dynasty) where it is referred to as the Elixir Of Life and also the Tea Of Immortality apparently. Many believe that the warriors of these kingdoms would have been sent off to war carrying amongst their weapons, a hip flask of this naturally carbonated, fermented, sweetened tea to keep them fit and strong for battle.

Thankfully, with latest research highlighting the multitude of health benefits of this ‘Tea of Immortality‘ the popularity of Kombucha is on the rise, firmly planting a flag in the ground of mainstream modern life for people to take serious note of & benefit in many positive ways…

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